Batman Doesn’t Drive a Beater


Design challenge:  can you make a feature phone do things that a smartphone does. 

Verizon thinks you can.

Verizon Brings Online Account Tools to Feature Phones: Tech News «.

Personal challenge:  I am I snob for thinking that nobody will actually use this?  Surely the experience of driving through what must be mounds of DPAD-driven UI to get to some obscure DVR-programming ability through your smartphone must be totally suckful.   And who do they think the audience is, these people who  want to do these incredible digerati-black belt maneuvers like ordering pay-per-view movies from your phone, but won’t step up to a smartphone?  Batman drives in a Batmobile.  They go together.  Verizon thinks that sometimes Batman drives a Jetta with a lot of miles on it.

Or am I being a smartphone-carrying snob for thinking this?



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