True Size of Africa


Yes, this is comparing countries to a continent, but that’s a pedantic nit that misses the larger point: Africa is fucking huge.

This is an example of a great (simple) visualization that builds a bridge between the thing you (probably) know – the size of the US, and a thing you probably don’t know – the size of Africa. Comparing continents in the same way to do apples-to-apples would be building a bridge between two unknowns: theoretically correct, but practically less useful.
Makes me wonder which (screwed up) map projection I’ve been housing in my head all these years.

Journalism in the Age of Data on Vimeo

A really good use of 54 minutes. A look at information visualization and how it is transforming journalism. Some great insights from the folks at the NYT, Google, and IBM. I love the unemployment graph from the NYT and the porcupine diagram. Very clever. Must see.